How To Build Amazon Niche Websites

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I am Tony Hsieh the founder of Digital Ready Marketing. If you are interested in generating passive income by creating niche websites but don’t know where to start then you have reached to the right place.

I am a SEO consultant experienced in optimizing Fortune 500 company websites. My team and I have been working hard to leverage the best SEO practices to niche website marketing.

Our approach is to use only White Hat SEO and through experiments & case studies to validate our SEO ideas.

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8 Steps Amazon Niche Site Creation Process

Step 1) Niche Market Discovery

Identify a profitable niche. This can be done systematically or based on what you are interested in.

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Step 2) Buyer Personas Development

Once we define a niche, we need to know who we are targeting. By creating a buyer persona, we can tailor the website content to that specific persona to create trust and forming a relationship.

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Step 3) Keyword Research / Generate Content Ideas

We will marry purchase funnel with product centric keyword research method to come up with a list of target keywords. Then we will generate content ideas based on the target keywords.

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Step 4) Content Creation

The target keyword needs to be placed strategically within the article.

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Step 5) Content Upload (Onpage SEO)

Using WordPress, we can easily execute best SEO practices to ensure meta tags, images and Scheme code are included in the article.

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Step 6) SEO / Troubleshooting

We need to audit the site for SEO issues and monitor various metrics to ensure the site is performing well.

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Step 7) Backlink Building

We are not building backlinks to manipulate ranking. We are building backlinks so people know our site exists.

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Step 8) Social Marketing / Other Marketing Methods

We will use social media platforms and other marketing methods to increase visibility of our website.

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Bonus: Basic WordPress SEO Best Practices

If you have no idea about WordPress, this is a good place to start.

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