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Amazon Affiliate Income And Progress Report – ASS Site February 2016

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I must say I was not looking forward to write this income / progress report.

As you know I do not use any Private Blog Network  (PBN) for any of my sites. I use the 8 steps method to focus on finding low competition keywords and creating content that are valuable to the readers. This means the progress is extremely slow in comparison to sites that use PBN.

To sum it up, in terms of productivity, it was a really great month. In terms of revenue, it was not what I was hoping for. (That’s it, you can stop reading and come back next month, lol).

I am still optimistic because based on the historical data, whatever I implement today will likely to show its effects in about 3 months. This means what we implemented in February should take full effects in May.

Activities in February 2016

We had a very busy and productive February.

We published 40 articles in total and optimized them all including internal linking. This was done by multiple team members so the articles still need to be audited using software to ensure that best SEO practice is in place (we are all human, people make mistakes).

We welcomed a new team member in February, who would be in charge of backlink building. We established a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for how to use Buzzstream for outreach as well as blog commenting.

The main tasks we did are as follow

  • Improved the content creation / content upload procedure
  • Uploaded and published 40 articles
  • Established backlink building procedure (this will be improved over time as we experiment different strategies)
  • Started collecting Page Group Performance metrics using Clicky

Performance in February 2016

Organic traffic in February improved a little bit compare to January.

I am speculating that this is partially due to the new articles, because based on the keyword ranking of those published articles, some of them were ranking on page 2 only after few days they were published.

I have also done a rough analysis by looking at keyword ranking for all the articles (old articles and new articles combined) to see if our keyword research method is working. I am happy to report it’s so far so good.

ASS traffic Feb 2016

Amazon Affiliate Revenue in February 2016

Ass site generated $42.15 in February.

The ASS site Amazon affiliate income in January was $72.54 so it’s a 41% drop in revenue.

The new articles did not generated any revenue at this point as expected.

ASS feb 2016 revenue

What’s next?

We plan to continue publish about 20 to 30 articles in the coming months. The website needs to have enough articles to benefit from internal linking as well as user experience.

We will also continue to analyse performance of each page group. This will be a valuable information for us to know, if any of the article batches outperform others for whatever reason. Once we catch that reason, we can replicate it for other page groups.

We will continue to improve the backlink building procedure and monitor its effects. I doubt there will be a huge benefit right out the door but it will be interesting to see.

What do you think?

Is this analysis insightful? Is it too technical? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comment section.

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