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ASS Site June 2016 – Amazon Affiliate Income And Progress Report

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At the end of June, it marked two months since we stopped creating new articles on the ASS site.

Despite no new content, I am pleased to announce that the site traffic and revenue continue to grow.

Activities in June 2016

We continue to only focus on backlink building. I must admit the progress has been slow and painful.

Unlike creating new content, it’s rewarding to see more pages being created and added, when it comes to backlink building, there is no guarantee you would get response from those emails you sent out. Even if you do get response, there is no guarantee that you would get a link.

Nonetheless, it seems we are on the right track based on the backlink data.

To clarify, we have built about 10 links so far. data shows the site had more than 100 backlinks increase but we did not build those. It is likely Majestic is counting the same links from the same site. For example, if a link is placed on a sidebar widget of a blog, it might be counted as 50 links.

ASS site backlinks June 2016

Performance in June 2016

Organic traffic spiked up in June and held steady at that level.

It will be interesting to see if the traffic growth will continue because we haven’t managed to build as many backlinks in July so far and will likely have less progress compare to June.

ass traffic June 2016

Amazon Affiliate Revenue in June 2016

I am very pleased to say the revenue doubled in June compared May. This could partly due to seasonality because as it gets warmer, more people might be interested in purchasing the products being promoted on the site.

ASS amazon income June 2016

Summary & What’s Next?

Now that I have established a backlink process, I might get some extra help to boost the backlink building efforts.

I tried using Scrapebox to automate some of the backlink building steps that I described here without much success. Because at the end, I would still need to sort through the websites that I gathered from Scrapebox to ensure the sites that we are sending emails out to are relevant.

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  1. Alison
    Alison says:

    Interesting to see how your boost to backlinking goes. I am with you in that I like creating teh content though find backlinking incredibly tedious.


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