Here is a list of tools that I have personally come across and used them before or still use them at daily bases. I will be updating it periodically when I come across to more tools.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, which means if you choose to purchase through them I will make a small commision. Please don’t just take my words for it but make sure to do more research and test the tools out before buying them. 

Website Hosting Related

WPEngine Their service changed the course of my online business. My sites now load lightening fast and Google likes it! (Site speed is a ranking factor in case you didn’t know)

GoDaddy I purchase domain from them. Easy to use domain management interface and sometimes they would throw in free email hosting or free email forwarding with the domain you purchased.

Chrome SEO Tools (10 Minutes SEO Videos)

User Agent Switcher

Web Developer

Meta SEO Inspector

Redirect Path


SEO Tools

ScrapeBox – If you are really serious about using SEO to rank your niche sites, this tool is a must. It simplifies a lot of SEO tasks and help you scale SEO operation at a level that you will be amazed. If you are a member, you probably already noticed I use it a lot to speed up SEO tasks.

SEMrush – If you want to find out which keywords your site is ranking for, this is the tool. It also comes with rank tracking, and is useful for competitor analysis.

Majestic – One of the best backlink checking service out there. If you want to use our Keyword Difficulty Checker, you can sign up for a free account to get the data. Also, they will give your site’s backlink data for free if you link your sites with majestic through Google Search Console.

Long Tail Pro – Easy to use keyword research tool. It pulls in data from multiple sources in one place for you to easily filter through a large list of keywords.

Clicky – Super easy to use analytics tool. I couldn’t get Google Analytics to track affiliate links reliably so chose to use Clicky instead. It’s easy to implement and the tracking accuracy is pretty reliable.

UptimeRobot – Free website monitoring service.

Video Production

Wistia – Very easy to use interface. It has a powerful video analytic that allows me to see where users drop off and which segments of the video user rewind and watch the most.

Audio-Technica ATR2100 mic – Affordable USB mic that really transformed how I create video. In comparison to headset, my voice is much clearer and cleaner. 

WordPress Plugins

Redirection –  My favorite redirecting tool. If you need to apply a 301 redirect to a single page, this is the tool.

WP External Links – Makes all external links nofollow and open in a new window. Very useful for affiliate marketing.

WP-Rocket – read this review about WP Rocket to find out more!