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What is the Keyword Difficulty Checker?

Our proprietary Keyword Difficulty Checker enabled us to find easy to rank keywords and increase substantial organic traffic to the sites we build.

Check these posts to see how Keyword Difficulty Checker can help you bring in more organic traffic. Once you sign up, you can access it here.


Does Keyword Difficulty Checker really work?

We use it everyday to build our affiliate sites and as a member, you will have full access to the members only content that reveals the SEO techniques we use to build our sites but also the domain name of the sites.

You can check these live site and follow the progress as we build out more and more of these money making Amazon Affiliate sites.


Will I see how you build your money making Amazon affiliate sites?

The real life data are shown in the members only content. For example, we reveal the domain of the sites we are working on so you can check the live site and see how we optimize these sites to achieve high conversion rate.

I don’t understand SEO can you help with that?

As a Full member, you can ask SEO questions directly to us.

If you don’t see the topic you are looking for on our site, you can ask them here or go to your member dashboard to send us a message.

We will then follow up with you to make sure we understand what you are looking for and either respond to your question (if it is easy to answer) or our SEO team members will gather information and create new content / videos to answer your questions.

In essence. what we have created is an interactive learning environment. No more wasting time browsing the web to find an answer to your SEO questions. Our SEO experts can give you the straight answer.


I am not sure if I need SEO for my site. How can I tell?

Contact us for SEO consultation (A separate service from our membership). We can carry out various SEO analysis on your site.

We have a list of check points (about 50 and growing) on our SEO analysis checklist to identify that automated site audit software cannot detect.

You will be surprised what we can find on your site.

Still have questions?