Complete Guide To Scale Your Backlink Building Process

“How to build backlinks to my site?”…… What a great question!

Since there are so many websites out there that give you different strategies and tactics already, I am going to focus more on how to scale it.

It’s easier when it’s just you doing all the work. You know what you are doing. You just need to find time to do it.

However, when you start passing on those tasks to your team members, that’s when you realize that unless the process is documented, they would not be able to do what you want them to do.

We will be using Buzzstream to help us streamline outreach process.

Objective, Strategy, Tactic

Objective – What are you trying to achieve by executing this outreach campaign? Increase backlinks? Increase traffic? Increase brand awareness?

Strategy – Who is your target? What can you create to draw their attention? What content should you present so they will be more likely to link back to your site?

Tactic – What methods are you going to use? Direct email? Resource page backlink building? Skyscraper technique?

How to Organize Projects?

Organizing each project to make it easier to measure success and failure of each outreach campaign.

Connect Email Accounts to Buzzstream

How to Collect Contacts Efficiently?

  • Change Google’s “Search setting” and use Linkclump to efficiently collect large number of URLs.
  • Have a “filter” system in place so everyone on the team knows how to filter prospects that do not meet the pre-defined criteria.
  • Organize the columns in Buzzstream to speed up filtering process.

How to Avoid Duplicate Contacts in Buzzstream Projects?

  • Buzzstream already has a system in place to prevent creating duplicate contacts, but it is still possible to have the same contact in multiple projects.
  • Using the “Projects” tab in the “All Contacts” view, we can easily see which contact has been placed in which project(s).

How to Track Links in Emails?

  • Using Google Analytics tracking we can track how many people clicked on the link and also see how they react to our website.
  • Use this tool to easily add tracking parameters to the URL you want to track.
  • By using a URL shortener such as Pretty Links, its very easy to create a short URL link with your domain name.

How To Track Outreach Progress?

  • Track the keywords you have already searched on Google to find prospects
  • Track – “Send”, “Open”, “Click”, “Bounce” etc which can be found in Buzzstream. Transfer those information to a Google sheet.
  • Also track how each email template performed. You can do a A/B testing on Subject line, change the content, change when the email was sent etc.
  • Track link placement. When was it successfully placed. What was the requirement (payment? social media promotion? reciprocal link? etc).