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ASS Site Dcember 2016 – Amazon Affiliate Income And Progress Report

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This post concludes the ASS site Amazon affiliate income report series for 2016. Looking back, there were a lot of ups and downs working on the ASS site. As you know I have been working on this project part-time and rely on my team to move things forward. However, I am starting to think maybe my involvement in every aspect of the site is causing it to not grow as fast.

So, I have decided to do an experiment.

Moving forward, I am going to rely on my team more and will only work on strategic items and leave all the tactical things to my team. I am sure this will cause a lot of mess and productivity will come to halt for a few months. However, in the long run, I believe this is the only way to grow and scale.

Couple with this initiative, I am going to also only to create a post when there is something substantial to share. I am not sure if this means few months of no updates or even a year (I hope not). But the first milestone in my mind is when the ASS site hits $1,000 / month revenue.

Activities in December 2016

We added substantial number of content (about 20 articles) and continued to build backlinks but for whatever reasons, the site traffic started to decline. Here are some of the reasons I could think of.

  • The holiday shopping season is over so less people searching / buying online.
  • The newly added content are not in the same niche as the existing content. This might have caused some of the backlinks we already built to lose its power, since Google considers relevancy as an important ranking factor.
  • Our competitors got better and started out ranking us.
  • Google algorithm update is always a possibility.

Whatever the reasons are, the traffic level has dropped back down to pre-holidays level.

ASS site december 2016 traffic

Amazon Affiliate Revenue in December 2016

Despite the large drop in traffic, revenue for the site did increase thanks to the holiday season. It made a new record by making about $467 in revenue.

However, as you can see the clicks has dropped substantially down to the level seen in September. Considering we did not change the backlink building strategy, and the only main change to the site was the new content added, I think as we start building backlinks for those other niches the content is based on, we should get back on track.

ASS amazon december 2016 earning

Summary & What’s Next?

Overall, ASS site generated about $2,300 in 2016.

This is a vast improvement compared to 2015 considering that my Amazon associate account was banned and my entire Amazon affiliate revenue for 2015 was only about $470.

ASS site annual amazon revenue 2016

So, this is it guys.

Like I said earlier, for the next several months the business operation will need to be revamped. I bet there will be a lot of mess and no growth.

In order for me to concentrate on improving the business, I will not be posting any ASS site report moving forward until there is something substantial to share with you.

Until then, have a nice New Year!

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