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ASS Site August 2016 – Amazon Affiliate Income And Progress Report

August was a record breaking month. For the first time the ASS site earned more than $200 in a month, thanks to a pretty large single order (about 30 items were purchased in one single order).

Organic traffic also made a new record and reached 500 visits per week.

Activities in August 2016

To reboot the backlink building efforts, I decided to hire a contractor to help with backlink building. I was hoping to finish one round of backlink building (each round consists of about 200 to 250 email outreach) in August, but due to a miscommunication we only managed to finish about half of the target number. So far we got one backlink so the success rate was about 1%. Hopefully the success rate will climb when we send out the follow up email.

Since we did not really build any backlinks, I am skipping the backlink data this month. Hopefully, I will have something more exciting to share in the next month report.

Organic Traffic Performance in August 2016

Organic traffic dropped a little bit then recovered and made a new record of 500 visitors per week. I am not 100 % sure what caused this considering there was no increase in backlinks in August. Possibly Google caught up with processing some of the backlinks we built couple months ago or they changed algorithm.

According to Mozcast, there was a quite substantial algorithm changes at the end of August / beginning of September so this might explain the huge spike in the traffic.

ASS August traffic 2016

Amazon Affiliate Revenue in August 2016

A substantial revenue increase (from $128 to $219) due to a large single purchase. It will be interesting to see if this trend will continue next month.

ASS amazon affiliate revenue Aug 2016

Summary & What’s Next?

I have been scaling down the whole website operations and really focus on tasks that are necessary for making the business profitable in the last few months. As I mentioned in this post, thinking about how to make the business profitable is really starting to turn everything around.

I am now only using the profit generated from the websites to grow the business and not throwing in additional cash at this point. In other words, the business is self-sustaining itself. This means the business will not grow as fast as I projected but this allows me to only focus on what really matters (since I only have limited resource, I can’t do too much), and it forces me to put resource to only things that are working.

I am very excited to see how focusing on backlink building will affect the ASS site in the coming months.

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