Google Stopped Giving Detail Search Volume! What To Do?

If you have been actively doing keyword research recently using Google Keyword Planner, you might have noticed that Google has stopped showing detail search volume and only gives a range of search volume.

This has taken place for every account that does not spend substantial amount of advertising dollars.


Screen shot of Google Keyword Planner

One solution I found is to use I have contacted them in regards to how this Google’s update has affected their data and here is their response.

SEMrush response

Email response from

The easiest way is to use the Keyword Difficulty Tool. You can copy and paste up to 100 keywords in one go and the tool will give you search volume of each keyword (screen shot below).

SEMrush keyword difficulty tool

Screen shot of Keyword Difficulty Tool

Please note: I personally only use this tool to get search volume and do not use this Keyword Difficulty Tool for checking keyword difficulty in case you wonder. I use my own Keyword Difficulty Checker and it provides a more accurate result (my personal opinion based on the test that I have done).

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