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ASS Site Article Performance – Two Weeks Post Publication

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As I mentioned in the ASS January progress report, last month we were busy setting up workflow for article creation, review, and upload.

This month, we have been very busy executing that process and so far we have published about 30 articles on the site.

In this article, I want to share with you how these 30 articles are performing.

Performance of the first two batches of articles

We created two batches (15 articles each) based on two different buyer personas we developed, one persona is “Mary” and the other is “John”.

Mary’s articles were all published by February 9 and John’s articles were all published by February 21.

How do we measure performance?

We use for tracking the keyword ranking. Since we are tracking multiple keywords, instead of just looking at each individual keyword ranking, we use “Visibility Trend” to track the site performance.

Visibility Trend is a calculated value based on Click Through Rate and the keyword ranking so a 100% visibility means a keyword is ranking in the 1st position.

SEMrush visibility trend

Before we started adding articles on the site in 2016, the ASS site already had 53 published articles. So we added keywords that are aligned with each of those 53 articles to get a baseline about one month before we started adding new articles.

Performance for Mary’s articles

In, we can easily tag the keywords and see how each page group is performing.

As you can see from the graph below, Google started picking up new articles on the site as soon as few days after they were published.

We initially published one article per day then increased it to two articles per day.

It seems Google took about 10 days to start ranking the articles we published. The visibility climbed steadily for about a week after all 15 articles were published, then it started fluctuating a little bit which is a typical pattern to see.

Mary batch 1 articles performance

Performance for John’s articles

John’s keywords had a bit of overlap with some older articles so few of the keywords were already ranking on Jan 25th and this is why as you can see the baseline is not zero.

We processed John’s articles a little differently by publishing two article each day for the entire batch. This means all 15 articles were up on the site after 8 days.

It was interesting to see the ranking jumped right after the first 4 articles were published, which means two days after the we started posting John’s articles. Apparently one of the articles started ranking on position 13 (page 2) for the target keyword right away. This particular keyword has 90 monthly search volume so this is pretty exciting result to see.

This shows how targeting low competition keyword really helps and proves that the Keyword Difficulty Checker we developed is working well.

John batch 1 article performance

ASS site overall performance

As we can see from the based line, before publishing these two batches of 30 articles, overall ASS site had 4.33% visibility on January 24th.

As of today (February 27th) the visibility is around 4.93%. This translates to 0.6% increase in visibility at this point.

Considering these articles were published recently this is a pretty good start.

It will be interesting to see how these articles are performing in the next few months and after we follow the 8 steps formula to rank niche sites.

Before started publishing new articles

ASS site performance after 30 articles

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