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Creating Buyer Personas – Quick And Dirty With Facebook Data

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buyers persona

Ever since I started creating niche websites to make money as an affiliate marketer, I have been primarily focusing on creating articles that are product focused. In other words, the articles are aiming at users who are already near to the end of purchase funnel (a.k.a buying funnel, buyers journey etc).

This has worked pretty well because people who are at that stage of the purchase funnel have already done their product research and just needs a bit of “push” towards to the “choices” that they have pretty much already formulated in their mind.

Why creating buyer personas if it’s going well?

However, when I looked at the user interaction to the sites as whole (bounce rate), they tend to be really high (= bad). In other words, people who land on the page would either click on the affiliate links or just leave without visiting other pages on the site.

This has been happening to the websites that had been optimized with site navigation and sites that had not. Which means even if the site is easy for users to navigate, they still just leave the site.

So, to further improve my websites, I have decided to take it a notch higher by implementing “buyer persona” concept. It’s a similar concept to market segmentation but much finer targeting. Essentially we need to come up with a fictitious person based on the target market data.

The immediate problem I encountered was the amount of resource required to gather the market data. After reading and reaching various resources online and offline, apparently conducting interviews would be the most accurate and effective way to really get the necessary data.

Here are the books I found.

1) Buyer Persona by Adele Revella

Apparently Named one of Fortune Magazine’s “5 Best Business Books” in 2015

2)  The Essential Persona Lifecycle: Your Guide to Building and Using Personas by Tamara Adlin & John Pruitt

Use Facebook data to create buyer personas

Since I have a limited resource, I decided to use only online data to develop buyer personas for my sites.

The method I picked is to use Facebook Audience Insight.

If you have ever run a Facebook Ads, you are probably familiar with this tool. It basically let’s you filter Facebook users based on various parameters.

The video below explains a process I went through to create the buyer persona “John Smith”.

As you can see, by creating a buyer persona can allow you to communicate with your team more precisely what kind of content to create and what kind of wordings should be used.

Hunting Buyer Persona

Video explaining how I used Facebook data to create the persona “John Smith”

So what’s next?

I plan to apply this method to create a first batch of 15 articles on this site to see how user will interact with them.

I will share the idea generation step in the upcoming posts to show you how to come up with keyword ideas and also communicate with the writer.

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