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Creating A Buyer Persona For Digital Ready Marketing

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Now that I have decided to work more on being an Amazon affiliate, I will share a lot more information about the strategy and websites that I utilize here on Digital Ready Marketing.

One of the biggest challenge I had (and still have) is to know who my audience. As you know, I am a SEO consultant and I had been building websites even before started Digital Ready Marketing. So some of the website / online business terminology come natural to me. As a result, the posts I write may be too technical for some of the audience.

The worst thing I can do is to target EVERYONE. So, to walk the talk about how to create website that will drive traffic, the first step is to create a buyer persona for Digital Ready Marketing using the Facebook data as I explained in this post.

Interestingly, there is an Amazon Associates page on Facebook and it also appears on Audience insight tool (note: unless a group / page has substantial likes, it will not appear in the Audience insight tool).

The bad news is that the Amazon Associates page hasn’t been active since May 2012, which means people who were interested in the group then, may not be interested in it now.

Considering what we want to know is what kind of people are interested in learning more about becoming an Amazon affiliate, this data is still a gold.


amazon associate group on facebook

Video: Developing a buyer persona from people interested in Amazon Associates

Amazon Affiliate persona

After going through what is explained in the video and with a bit of imagination, below is the persona that I came up with.

DRM Amazon associate persona

Below is a brief explanation on how I came up with who she is.


Despite above average income (US average is about $50,000), Susan lives in New York, NY and is a single mother so her expense is sky high. This is possibly the main reason why she is interested in becoming an Amazon affiliate.

How to apply this information?

Showing the actual results; for example monthly income from Amazon affiliate may convince her what I am doing is valid.

The image below from Facebook Audience Insights tool shows how I reached to this conclusion.

The high percentage of “Married” relationship status with high percentage of only 1 or 2 people in the household doesn’t seem to add up. Considering Facebook does not have a “Divorced” relationship status, I am guessing a substantial population is divorced.

live in new york ny

relations status

household size

Computer savvy

She works as an IT support for a large media company.

How to apply this information?

Since she is familiar with everything computer, I do not need to explain terminology in depth or worry that she may not know where to get additional information from – computer savvy = internet savvy = Google savvy.

computer savvy

Business Purchases

She spends more money on business purchases than average people.

How to apply this information?

I am guessing activities such as buying online courses or software are also included in this category. If so this means she is more likely to purchase a product that is relevant to online business.

Considering she wants to become an Amazon affiliate and build an online business, this makes sense.

This is a plus because if I offer a product that can help her becoming a better Amazon affiliate, she would more likely to buy it.

business purchase

Use both desktop and mobile

In comparison to a younger demographic that only use mobile device and not desktop computer, she use both desktop and mobile device.

How to apply this information?

This means I do not need to worry too much about optimizing my site to mobile device such as image size and video size (faster loading), even though I already do optimize my site for mobile device.

device usage

What do you think about this Amazon affiliate persona?

Considering it only took a few hours to research and develop this buyer persona, personally, I am pretty satisfied with what I have developed based on the available data.

If you have a different opinion please share it with me. I am really interested in learning from your thoughts.

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