A Well Ranked Website Targeting Low Competition Keywords – A Real Life Example

Building backlinks to rank high on search engines especially on Google has been and is continue to be the major talking point for many SEO professionals and webmasters.

For many website owners, especially the ones who don’t have resource to build backlinks, this has been a real obstacle for them to implement SEO. Many believe SEO is pretty much useless without building backlinks – which obviously is not true.

Over the years, I have experimented with various methods of backlink building but with limited success largely due to continuous Google algorithm updates.

Don’t get me wrong. Backlink building still works, but it needs to be implemented in substantially different ways today and still requires substantial resource.

This is why I decided to change direction and look for ways to maximize the limited resource I had by mainly focusing on Onpage SEO.

In this video, I am going to share with you a website that my team and I created, which manages to rank high for many of low competition keywords without creating any substantial backlinks other than sharing on social media sites and some blog commenting.

improvements in organic traffic

You will also be able to see the actual Analytics data and in depth analysis of what was done on the site to achieve such result.

Sorry, this is a member’s only content so please join us to watch this video.

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