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It’s Live : Our New Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool!

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now live iconOver the last few months, my team and I have been experimenting the new Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool on the ASS site.

Upon looking at the articles we have published on the ASS site, it is pretty clear that the Keyword Difficulty Tool is doing a pretty good job predicating easy to rank keywords.

We have not done any substantial backlink building on these new articles published in 2016, and yet many of them are already ranking on page 2 and pages 3 in Google.

ASS new article performance in Jan-Feb-Mar-2016


ass site keyword ranking detail as of Mar 30 2016

How does the new Keyword Difficulty Checker tool work?

I worked with statisticians and developed a proprietary formula to power the tool.

In the older version, we needed to pull the “intitle:” value from Google and it comes with a cost because the only way to pull that data at large scale requires ScrapeBox and private proxies subscription, which could cost more than $100 up front.

With the new version, we now only need to pull data from Google Adwords and which can be obtained for FREE!

As you can see from the screenshot below, the tool will give you the prediction after you enter the required values.

In case you are interested in the performance of the tool, I have done an experiment on it and shared that result in this post.

keyword Difficulty Checker screen shot

Video: Keyword Difficulty Checker

What do you think?

I know there are many other Keyword Difficulty Checkers out there, in fact I have tried some of them. However, none of them were as affordable and as robust as this Keyword Difficulty Checker that I have developed.

Do you agree? Have you come across to something that performs well and yet offered at an affordable price?

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