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Keyword Difficulty Checker: Find Easy To Rank Keywords

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UPDATE: New and Improved Keyword Difficulty Checker

We have updated and improved our Keyword Difficulty Checker tool. Watch the video to find out more.

keyword difficulty checkerWhen it comes to make money online, especially with small websites that target small niche products, targeting the right keywords with low competition is very important.

There are already some solutions out there that solve this particular problem so you might wonder why we created yet another method / tool to check low competition keywords.

The straight answer to that is currently there is no affordable and scaleable solution to what my team and I wanted to achieve.

Our primary goal with this tool is to predict keyword difficulty relatively quickly and accurately. We have a portfolio of sites in different niches and since we constantly needing to check large amount of keywords and select only the ones that are worth targeting in a relatively short time.

The tool we developed is pretty accurate in terms of predicting keyword difficulty as we have done some experiments on the tool and saw substantial results.

Before we get into the details of the keyword difficulty checker, let’s discuss some of the alternative options out there and why they didn’t meet our needs.

Issue 1) Manual keyword difficulty checking is difficult to scale

Over the years, I have studied various methods to find keywords that are easy to rank for and learned from some of the most successful online marketers (such as Brian Dean from Backlinkco and Spencer Haws from Nichepursuits) who have figured out certain methods to find easy to rank keywords.

For example, in this post, Brian provides an elaborated explanation on how to check competition for keywords. Perrin (Spencer’s right hand guy) & Spencer has also given a pretty good insights to how he choose certain keywords in this post.

The problem with these methods involve a lot of manual steps and rely on arbitrary decisions with limitation to scale.

Issue 2) Automated keyword difficulty checker are expensive and not so scalable

Using tools such as Long Tail Pro and Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool could be an alternative solution to manual methods but these methods could be expensive and not so scalable either.

For example, Moz’s keyword difficulty tool only allows 400 keywords / day for the lowest membership level. It only allows you enter 20 keywords at a time.

Moz keyword difficulty checker

The solution – Keyword Difficulty Checker by Digital Ready Marketing

My team and I have been using a simpler method to gauge the number of competitors for keywords that we want to target. We have seen substantial results as described in these posts.

  1. Why Targeting Low Search Volume Keywords Is A Good Thing? – Case Study
  2. A Well Ranked Website Targeting Low Competition Keywords – A Real Life Example
  3. “Keyword Difficulty Checker” – Keyword Research Case Study

We have further refined the method and created a prediction model that can easily tell us whether the keywords we want to target are easy to rank for or not.

I have explained how to collect necessary data to populate the prediction using our tool in the video below.

How does our keyword difficulty checker compare to Moz and Semrush keyword difficulty tool?

I had been wondering this question ever since we developed the tool. In the video below, I have provided a comparison between the three tools. The fact that many of the results agree with Moz’s keyword difficulty tool and based on the success we are seeing with our niche websites, we are confident to say the tool we developed is reliable.


So how is this keyword difficulty checker more scalable than other tools?

As a Digital Ready Market member, you will have access to bulk check 250 keywords in one go.

All you need to do is gather the metrics then copy and paste the numbers to the spreadsheet. It will compute the competitiveness immediately and there is no limit to how many keywords you can check.

Any comments or questions?

I am very excited to share this tool with you and hope you will find it useful.

If you have any feedback or questions on this tool, please feel free to provide your feedback in the comment section below or send us a message.

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