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Get More Exposure In Google With YouTube – And Increase YouTube Hits!

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youtube play buttonEver since I developed the Keyword Difficulty Checker, I have been looking for ways that it could help increase website traffic.

Since it does a really good job at finding easy to rank keywords, I thought what if I could increase exposure from every single keywords that are “easy” to rank for.

Obviously, I can’t write blog posts for similar topics again and again, so one of the ideas I came up with is to use YouTube to target those keywords.

Think about it. We see Youtube results  quite often when search for informational stuff in Google. For example, if you search for “how to fix leak under sink”, two results show up at the top (image below).

how to fix leak under sink

YouTube results for “How to fix leak under sink” search query

What we are aiming for is essentially referral traffic from YouTube.

We need to make sure it’s easy for users to click on the link in description once they land on our YouTube video page.

Youtube referral link

The process to rank high with in Google

Just like any other content, we want to look for low competition keywords ( = easy to rank keywords), then create content around it.

  1. Identify the niche – for example “how to do keyword research”
  2. Use Keyword Planner tool to get a list of keywords with search volume
  3. Gather data
  4. Plugin #2 and #3 into the Keyword Difficulty Checker
  5. Create a Video relevant to the target keyword
  6. Ensure the target keyword is included in the Title and Description of the YouTube page
  7. Wait and see

I actually executed this strategy on the keyword “keyword difficulty checker” and the YouTube video I created started to rank within a week.

DRM keyword difficulty checker ranking 4.5.2016 is ranking on second page for “Keyword Difficulty Checker”


YouTube result for keyword difficulty checker

Newly created page is now also ranking for “Keyword Difficulty Checker” on page 2

How is this applicable to Amazon affiliate marketing?

Here are a couple of ideas I can think of.

  1. Use service like Animoto – It allows you to create pretty cool short videos with images. So collect some cool photos of the products you are promoting, make sure they are relevant to the target keyword and create a short video, then upload it to YouTube and make sure a clickable URL linking back to your site is included in the video description.
  2. Summary video of your blog post (or a product you are promoting) – If you already have a blog post created for a similar keyword, you can use screen capture tool to simply talk through that post then post that video on YouTube.

What do you think?

Is this a viable strategy? Have you come across to someone doing this successfully?

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