Is It Worth To Spend Time For Pinterest Traffic?

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When it comes to getting traffic to a website, organic traffic is the most sustainable and the most ideal long term traffic source.

Paid search (paying for advertising) is like getting addicted to a drug. As soon as you stop, the pain starts and that sweet traffic stops coming into the site.

Social media traffic is somewhat in between. You can spend some money on a social media platform like Facebook or you can spend zero by sharing “Pins” on Pinterest.

How to get traffic from Pinterest?

I have been experimenting with one of the websites I have – the TRI site. It is not a 100% Amazon affiliate site but it does have a good amount of Amazon affiliate links along with links from other affiliate platform.

When we launched the site back in late 2013, we created Pinterest account along with other social media accounts.

The TRI site is actually an aggregate of old small affiliate niche sites that I have had built. Those sites had Exact Match Domain and the content only had 500-600 words.

As you might know, as Google advanced its algorithm, those kind of sites stopped ranking. So the idea I had was to collect all of those sites and use an alternative traffic source to salvage the content.

What did we do on Pinterest?

After creating an account on Pinterest, we started pinning all the images on the site. I know the best practice when it comes to social media is to provide value and not concentrating on self-promotion. However, since we had a limited resource, we just linked every single images back to our site. We did not even bother sharing pins from other websites.

One thing we did spend sometime on was to organize the pins into different boards based on topics / categories. So when other Pinterest users see our profile, they can jump right into the categories they are interested. This might have also making our pins appear more for certain related search results on Pinterest.

Then we started following other relevant Pinterest accounts (Accounts that seem to be interested in similar products or similar niche) for the first couple of months to get our account noticed by other users.

After that, we did nothing. We just let the account sit and observed what would happen.

What is the result?

I must say growing the traffic from Pinterest organically was not an easy one. Fortunately, even though this was not our primary focus, we stuck with it and it paid off.

It took us more than a year to start seeing a substantial amount of traffic coming in from Pinterest. I am not sure if the account age matters on Pinterest since we did not regularly post pins on Pinterest. In other words we uploaded most of the pictures (pins) up in one go and just let the account sit and did nothing.

Traffic from Pinterest did lead to purchase on Amazon which makes sense since some people do use pinterest for shopping. So this is definitely the platform to be on for Amazon associates.

For sure it is a better social media platform in term of Return of Investment (ROI) because people who are using Pinterest are more likely thinking about buying something compare to Facebook (I want to check what my friends are doing) or Twitter (What’s the latest development in the world?).

TRI Pinterest traffic

In summary

It is true that there is an upfront investment (need to create an account, upload pictures, interact with some users at the beginning) but the traffic seems to keep coming in without the need of maintenance.

What’s your thought? Do you think this is a viable strategy?

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