How To Track Amazon Affiliate Site Performance By Page Groups

icon page groupsLet’s face it. We cannot improve what is not measured when it comes to websites.

Over the last couple of months, I have discussed how to estimate potential Amazon affiliate revenue and what Key Performance Indicator we need to track, If you check on those posts, you will see why it’s so important to track / calculate those numbers to keep us focused and motivated.

In this post, I am going to add one more metrics to our toolbox – Page Group Performance.

For most Amazon affiliates like us, the primary activity that we do is publish a lot of content. Some people like to write whatever they feel like writing that day without much planning. Some plan ahead but without thinking of how one content might benefit the other.

I must admit personally I have been doing those two content writing styles here on Digital Ready Marketing. It’s easier and more fun.

However, for the Amazon Affiliate sites I build, I take a different approach. We plan ahead of time for the kind of topic we want to publish for a group of articles. If you have read the post about the 8 steps formula that we utilize for the Amazon affiliate sites, you can easily see why this makes sense.

What do we need to track the Page Group Performance?

As I mentioned in this post that Google Analytics alone is not good enough for tracking our site performance, I use Clicky to track the page group performance.

NOTE: If you do a Google search, you can find a lot of blog posts explaining how to do page group tracking in Google Analytics but, because Google Analytics does not track well the Amazon affiliate link clicks, in the end it’s just easier using Clicky.

Now, I must warn you that tracking the page Group Performance is pretty manual. We are basically downloading and summarising the data from clicky in an Excel spreadsheet.

You might ask, “why can’t I just set something up in the analytics platform?”. The quick answer is you cannot. Over the years, having worked as an enterprise level SEO consultant with different clients, ALL OF THEM used Excel spreadsheet one way for the other to gather data. This is because even with the level of software (expensive!) that they used to track performance, none of the software could be customized enough to suit all of my clients’ needs.

How to gather data from Clicky to track Page Group Performance?

In this video, I am going to show you exactly how. In fact, this is the video I created for my team members to help them understand what we are doing.

Sorry, this is a members only video so please sign up first to access it.

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