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It's Live : Our New Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool!

Over the last few months, my team and I have been experimenting…
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Keyword Research : What Keywords are My Competitors Using?

Since the beginning of this year, my team and I have been…

Referral Traffic : Why Build Backlinks That Have No SEO Value?

In this post, we are going to talk about why you should build…
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Is Building Blog Comment Backlinks Useless?

When I first dip my toe in SEO back in 2011, building blog comment…
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Are Amazon Affiliate Rates Too Low?

Let's face it, a lot of people complain about how low Amazon…
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Amazon Affiliate Income and Progress Report - ASS Site February 2016

I must say I was not looking forward to write this income / progress…

How to Track Amazon Affiliate Site Performance By Page Groups

Let's face it. We cannot improve what is not measured when it…

Is It Worth to Spend Time for Pinterest Traffic?

When it comes to getting traffic to a website, organic traffic…
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Fantastic Keyword Difficulty Checker Performance

Now that we have published 30 more articles on the ASS site,…
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ASS Site Article Performance - Two Weeks Post Publication

As I mentioned in the ASS January progress report, last month…
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How Not To Get Banned From Amazon Affiliate Program

As I am preparing to scale my online business with Amazon affiliate…
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Backlink Building : Annoying Outreach Tactics

I recently experienced very annoying email outreach from…