Is Building Blog Comment Backlinks Useless?

comments iconWhen I first dip my toe in SEO back in 2011, building blog comment links was still a very popular tactic. Even though most blogs had the “no-follow” attribute in their blog comments, some did not. By using ScrapeBox, it was possible to find such blogs at scale.

As a result, a lot of blogs got really spammy comments, especially the ones that did not have the “no-follow” attribute.

Then, Google Penguin update came alone and pretty much destroyed that tactic.

So why am I talking about it here?

Do blog comment links have SEO value?

Interestingly enough, based on the experiment I did, blog comment backlinks seem to provide a little bit of SEO value.

One of my websites “HEG” (I introduced it for the first time in this post) did not have any backlinks until February of this year. So, my team and I did an experiment by selecting two articles that target low competition keywords and did competitor backlink analysis. We then selected only blog sites and started post a comment on these blogs.

The blogs we selected all added “no-dollow” attribute in the link we created and we built about 80 links. Not all of these links got approved and we have not analysed how many actually went live at this point.

I expected to see these articles ranking higher for the keyword they were targeting, but instead, something interesting happened.

We started seeing other articles ranking higher in Google and started getting a little more traffic than before the experiment. As you can see in the data below from Google Analytics, we started seeing increase in the overall organic traffic after about 4 weeks (early March).

At this point, the HEG site does not have very good internal linking structure. The only links going from and to between posts are the standard category / tag site-wide links. This makes it even more interesting that the site would actually rank higher on the keywords we did not build backlinks for.

HEG blog comment backlinks effect


Based on this mini-experiment, building blog comment backlinks seem to help the overall organic search visibility.

Have you seen a similar result done by some other websites or on your own website? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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