annoyed lady

Backlink Building : Annoying Outreach Tactics

annoyed lady

I recently experienced very annoying email outreach from sites that offer SEO service or tools.

Now that we are ramping up to do email outreach ourselves, I definitely would not want my team members to do any of these kind of outreach tactics.

Annoying Outreach #1: Not even saying a “Please” or “Thank you”

I must say this first example did a pretty good job reaching out to me. They used social media in addition to email outreach to get my attention. The person who sent out the email was the same person reaching out on social media platforms and seemed to have multiple online presence, even though those profiles all looked pretty new (only have few friends, not too many online activities).

Here is the email I got from (DRM) contact form.

outreach email

Email through contact form

Then I got a similar message on the DRM Facebook Page. Naturally, now they have my attention. So I responded and thank for the message.

FB1 encounter

Then came the follow up message. Which is a standard practice and since I am in the SEO field, I thought I would provide some feedback for them to improve their site.

Then I got a forceful “Go ahead and share my tool with your audience”. Really? Not even a “Please” in your sentence?

FB2 encounter


FB 3 encounter


Annoying Outreach #2: I don’t run an ecommerce site

This person might want to at least check what kind of site I have before sending out the email. For sure it doesn’t look like an Ecommerce site.

ecommerce site need SEO

E-commerce site need SEO email

Annoying Outreach #3: Don’t know what I do or what my website is about

I get SEO service offering constantly in my email inbox. They claim my site is not ranking well and so I need their SEO service. I am just speechless.


Annoying Outreach #4: It just doesn’t make sense

I got an email asking me to link to their infographics, which is about how e-commerce has had a huge impact on the transportation industry.

The link they found on my site was which obviously is about XML Sitemaps and for some reason they are claiming it’s relevant to their infographics.

non relevant outreach email

The page they pointed out was about XML Sitemaps


Do you have an annoying outreach story?

What’s your experience with annoying outreach tactics? Share your story and let’s have a good laugh at it.


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