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Pre-Backlink Building Keyword Ranking Status For The ASS Site

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Now that we have added about 90 new articles to the ASS site since February, I want to take a snapshot report before moving on to a full scale backlink building.

In case you are interested in the progress we have made so far for the ASS site in more details, please check these posts.

I have been using SEMrush to track these keywords. The latest batch of article was published about 2 weeks ago (10 articles) so Google has indexed them and I do see the articles are ranking for the target keywords.

In April, we did some blog commenting and no other backlink building activities. In case you think blog commenting is useless and wonder why we did this, please check this post. Based on our mini experiment, there actually is some value to do blog comments.

The search visibility (it’s a number calculated by SEMrush based on keyword ranking position and search volume) has been increasing steadily until early April. This is partly because we slowed down the article publication rate (40 articles in February, 30 articles in March, and 20 articles in April).

ASS site keyword ranking snapshot

We are currently tracking 132 keywords and as of May 11, 2016, the ranking distribution is as follow.

First page – 13 keywords

Second page – 34 keywords

Third page – 31 keywords.

Top 100 positions – 122 keywords

So only 10 keywords are currently not ranking within the top 100 positions.

This shows why it is a no brainer to target for low competition keywords. It also proves that the Keyword Difficulty Checker we developed is working.

For a more in depth view of the keyword ranking, please watch the video.

Video: Pre-Backlink Building Keyword Ranking Status for The ASS Site




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  1. Alison
    Alison says:

    Hi Tony, really enjoying these articles about getting this site up and on Google – your information is open, honest and without the hype – great stuff 🙂 look forward to sharing the journey with you. Cheers Alison


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