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Increase Website Conversion With Call To Action Buttons For Amazon Affiliate Sites

click on a mouseEver since we started using the 8 step niche website creation process that we developed, the conversion rate for our niche sites have been pretty good.

I must admit I struggled with this for a while until I found out the power of “Call To Action” concept.

Let me share with you the journey I took.

Text links within articles

I know some affiliate marketers talk about how to be discrete and to promote products using hyperlinks within the text.

The problem with this method is that it might work well with returning audience, especially for people who actually read every articles you publish. However, for someone who is visiting your site for the first time, they might not read the whole article.

The image below shows an example of such text link.

in text link example


Image links


So the next step I took was using something more visually appealing – images.

Initially, I thought by slapping some good looking images and make them as links would get people to click.

However, not everyone knows these images are clickable.

I also created review tables and made the images in the table clickable. Again, the same result. No much improvement in the Click Through Rate.


Call to action buttons

call to action button

Then I came across to the idea of using buttons with call to action text.

The power of call to action text / buttons is just phenomenal. After we started implementing clickable buttons with call to action text on it, the Click Through Rate increased dramatically.


The actual Click Through Rate for the ASS site

Amazon Associates provides “Unique visitors” value. So by using this number, we can see how many people we actually sent over to

I have been tracking this number weekly and it has been consistently higher than 25% since the beginning of 2016.

This means one in four people who visit the ASS site actually reached to

Amazon affiliate unique visitors

In case you wonder what typical Click Through Rate for an Ad is, according to this post, average Google AdWords Click Through Rate is only 1.91%.


What’s your site’s Click Through Rate?

What do you think? What’s the Click Through Rate of the best performing page on your site?

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