Why It’s Important To Schedule Blog Posts?

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Have you ever worked with someone from the other side of the world?

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When it comes to online business, working with contractors is essential. They allow small businesses like us to leverage and compete with large companies. The downside is it is very often that we miscommunicate. Unlike someone who is sitting next to you in an office, the only way to communicate is through a computer.

I currently have a small team of people working from different continents. We have weekly meetings to discuss issues and tasks but the problem is no matter how careful we are, there always seem to be a miscommunication.

I am sure my team members are as frustrated as I am whenever I point out something isn’t done the way we decided to do.

This is why I have started using videos to communicate. We do use visuals during our meetings by sharing our screens but, most of the time we talk about large picture items and tend to leave details out. For example, we would talk about workflow for article processing (review, upload etc) but would leave out how to actually review or upload articles.

So why it’s important to schedule blog posts?

In this particular example, we have talked about scheduling blog posts in advance. We are batch producing articles so it makes sense to process them in one go. However, for some reason this message got lost and the person who is in charge is uploading one article every day.

So I decided to make a couple of videos explaining why we want to schedule articles. Why it’s crucial for us in terms of workflow and in terms of work efficiency.

Sorry, these are members only content because the videos show details about the websites we are working on and the process we take.

If you are interested to follow closely at what we are doing, sign up to become a member to get full access. I will continue to share this kind of “behind the scene” materials to help you build better niche websites.

Video: Why we are batch processing articles

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Video: Why it’s important to schedule blog posts?

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