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In this video we will take a look at Sitemaps Google Webmaster Tools.

What is Sitemaps and why should I care?

Sitemaps is one of the best way to communicate with Google and other search engines about your site.

You can create different kinds of Sitemaps to let Google knows about the variety of contents on your site.

Google does crawl faster (and more effective) if you provide Sitemaps.

Having said that, too many errors in Sitemaps will also work against your site so be careful. Ideally less than 1% error rate.

Below is the quote about the 1% error rate on this article. (note: the other search engine is Google)

Out of the two search engines, Bing particularly has a low threshold, or at least they outwardly state they begin devaluing sitemaps if 1 percent of the URLs result in an error (return anything but a status code 200).


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