How To Screw Up A Brand Search Visibility – Case Study

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As you might have noticed, our site Digital Ready Marketing has been going through iterations to discuss more specific SEO topics that our users are really challenged with.

As a part of that changes, the title tag of the site was changed to “Rank a Site Without Backlink Building | Digital Ready Marketing” from simply “Digital Ready Marketing” sometime between November 10th and November 17th.

This has increased the title characters across the entire site. As you can see from the screenshot below, “Rank a Site Without Backlink Building” is not placed before our brand “Digital ready Marketing”.

rank a website without backlinks comes first

As you might know, Title tag is one of the most important ranking factors that Google looks at. Additional, the position of the keyword within the title tag also is a ranking factor.

So what we did essentially was to tell Google that not only the term “Digital Ready Marketing” was not that important (since now it’s at the end of the Title tag), we also made the title across the site spammy because now “Rank a Site Without Backlink Building” appears everywhere!

As a result, our site stopped ranking for the brand term “Digital ready Marketing”! This is bad…. so bad. The screen shot below shows is ranking for #1 position.


bran term digital ready marketing

This is just a perfect case study to show why Title tag is such an important factor and why we use it as a part of our keyword difficulty checking process and seeing many substantial successes with it. (here is an example in case you are interested.)

Have you seen other websites making similar mistake? If so share it with us in the comment section.

Update: 12/25/2015

There was actually a bigger issue that caused to get deindexed for its own brand term.

Read this post to find out why my site was not even indexed for its own brand term!

Update: 1/10/2016

Our site is now back in full swing for the brand term in Google.

Knowledge graph for has disappear with its ranking been pushed down.

digital ready marketing search result on google

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