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In this video, we will discuss three items within “Google Index” in GWMT.

Index Status

This shows us how many pages of a site has been indexed. It is useful for us to monitor indexation issues.

Example – When noindex tag is used mistakenly

Google will not index these pages and if there are substantial number of the pages not getting index, you can see it here

Example – A Folder/ sub-folder path is blocked in the Robots.txt

Sometimes a folder could be blocked by mistake


Content Keywords

This shows us keywords based on frequencies that appear on a site. It is a useful tool for us to monitor contents on the site to ensure they are inline with the site.

Example – When your site is hacked

When a site is hacked and malicious contents are generated, you can start seeing non-relevant keywords appearing.

Example – Your team is not uploading the correct content


If someone on your team is not uploading the content that is relevant to your site, it will appear here

Remove URLs

Use this tool to remove any pages that are already indexed from search results.

This tool is especially useful when certain pages on your site that you did not intent to make them public somehow ended up on Google search results.

If you want to remove more than a few pages, such as if your test site some how got indexed, you can use  URL parameters tool to prevent Google from further indexing that section of the site.

Of course, this assumes that your testing site lives within a sub-directory of the domain. If it has a different URL structure, it will require other ways to prevent indexation.


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