Avoid These Keyword Research Mistakes To Make Money

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It is way too common that people would just rely on fancy SEO tools for keyword research. I must admin, being a number guy myself, I am one of them.

However, understanding what Google likes is also a very important element in keyword research.

In this video, we will take a look at what common mistakes people make when it comes to finding easy to rank keywords. Choosing simply by various metrics that you gather is not good enough, especially when all these numbers tell you “this is an easy to rank keyword !”.

If you want to make money doing affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products, avoiding making these mistakes become even more critical.


Websites mentioned in the video

  1. The article that talks about how to carry out keyword research – http://vabulous.com/how-to-target-and-rank-high-for-low-competion-keywords/ 
  2. Keyword research tool – https://kwfinder.com/

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