How To Fix A Bing Local Listing Without Claiming The Listing?

Fixing a local listing on search engines such as Google and Bing is part of local SEO and as you might know the easiest way is to just claim the listing.

However, at times this might not be an option – For example;

1) If your client is not technical enough to claim the listing or simply doesn’t understand how to claim the listing

2) If your client is in the process of claiming the listing and has not completed the process

I recently got into one of these situations and after search on the web for a while (of-course everyone tells you to just claim the listing), I decided to give that “report a problem” button a try.

report a problem button for Bing local listing

report a problem button for Bing local listing

I also decided to give the chat function a try instead of just submitting the form

Chat to fix problem Bing local

Chat to fix problem Bing local

Following is a screen shot of the chat transcript

Bing local listing fix

Bing local listing fix

As it turned out, the information I got was pretty useful. I got an email of the manager’s email and apparently the listing will be updated within 1-2 weeks.

So, let’s see if the listing will indeed be corrected in two weeks. Watch this space.


UPDATE: The listing was corrected within a week. It was a pretty speedy and pleasant process! 



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