How To Bulk Check Page Authority For Multiple URLs?

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In case you got to this page looking for our Bulk URL checker, I am sorry to inform you that we no longer provide that service.

This does not mean there are no other tools that can help you. In this post I am going to show you some of the alternatives.

What is a bulk URL checker? – check Page Authority for multiple URLs

Bulk URL checker is very useful when you need to check Page Authority of many pages. Page Authority is created by Moz.com to show how authoritative a page is – in other words how many backlinks it has. There is an equation to determine Page Authority since not every backlink provides the same value. For more details, visit the following.

Page Authority: How likely a web page will rank on Google. The scale is between 1 to 100.

Domain Authority: How well a domain will perform in search engine rankings. The scale is between 1 to 100.

MozRank: Link popularity score. The scale is between 1 to 10.

Open Site Explorer is the tool that created by Moz.com and it can only check one URL at a time.

Below is a video explaining what each metrics means (again, sorry we don’t provide this tool any more but you can visit this site instead – http://www.seoreviewtools.com/bulk-seomoz-authority-checker/)


Why use bulk URL checker?

So why do you need to check Page Authority of so many pages? The answer is, in some cases, you need to determine which pages are worth your efforts to take action on.

For example, when fixing 404 page not found errors, you need to find out which pages are worth applying 301 redirecting. The main aim is to capture the lost backlink juice directed to the 404 error page. Obviously you don’t want to waste server resource to redirect pages that have no authority. Since Open Site Explorer on Moz.com only allows you to check one URL at a time, it could take you forever.

So what tools are out there that can check bulk check URL Page Authority?

Tool #1: ScrapeBox

Scrapebox comes with a Page Authority Addon which essentially does what our Bulk URL checker did.


Tool #2: Majestic bulk backlink checker

Majestic provides bulk backlink checker for their subscribed users. This is probably the most robust solution for bulk checking URLs. Unlike ScrapeBox’s Page Authority Addon that takes 10 seconds to check one URL (due to restriction for the free API that MOz.com provides. There is an option to upgrade it so you can check multiple URLs in a very short time but the price is VERY steep), Majestic’s bulk checker can do it within seconds.

The metrics that Majestic provides is little different from Moz.com. They use Trust Flow” and “Citation Flow. They are essentially telling how many trustworthy backlinks a page has and how many backlinks a page has respectively.

So if you have a page that has very high “Citation flow” and low “Trust flow”, it pretty much indicates page has got many spammy backlinks.


What about PageRank? Is it still a valid metrics?

Google has stopped updating PageRank in Oct 2013 and in 2014, John Muller followed up to confirm Google will likely not updating it in the future.

As you can see from this post, the way PageRank is calculated is purely based on the number of links and not link quality. In other words, it is not a as good indicator as Page Authority.

This site offers free bulk PageRank checker up to 500 URLs in case that’s what you are looking for. (NOTE: it’s bulk PageRank checker!, not Page Authority checker).

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