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Is It Time To Change Your Back Link Strategy?

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Will blog comments cause problems to your site post Panda 4.1?

Barry Schwartz from discussed about how comments on his blog might have caused his blog to suffer from a substantial traffic drop after Google Panda 4.1 update.

Data for Google organic traffic for his blog clearly shows it has been steadily declining (image below).

Organic traffic for post Panda 4.1 update

Organic traffic for post Panda 4.1 update

Up until now, having more comments are thought to be positive from SEO perspective since they will provide additional content to the site and increase ranking for more keywords.

Barry speculated that one potential reasons might be the lack of content on his blog posts to start with since his writing style is to get straight to the point (big fan of that Barry!)

He has changed all the comments to JavaScript from HTML in response to this finding. It is still too early to tell if indeed comments did cause the substantial organic traffic drop but if so, this will likely to cause major redesign to many blogs.

Goodbye Yahoo Directory

Yahoo recently shut down its famous “Yahoo Directory” and the old URL ( is now 301 redirected to the Business directory page.

Since it is using 301 redirect, it will still benefit from all the backlinks but moving forward, from business standpoint Yahoo will no longer paying attention to its directory.

Considering Yahoo directory has been one of the “Paid” directory listing to gain authoritative backlinks, it’s time to find another way to legitimately gain paid backlinks.


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