Will Having Site / Brand Name Repetitively In Title Tag Hurt Ranking?

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As you know keyword stuffing and duplicate content are both negative ranking factors to a site. Yet it seems that many sites add their brand name or site name at the end of their website’s title tag.

For example : This is an interesting page | Mybrandname

It is understandable that this happens in most WordPress sites because of the WordPress’s default setting. However, many enterprise level / famous brand sites are also doing the same thing.

So I questioned “Is this a good practice?” – Here is what I found out.

  • Thanks to Google’s recent Search Engine Result Page (SERP) redesign, now about only 50 characters from the title tag will be shown on Google’s SERP.
  • It is commonly recommended to place target keyword(s) at the beginning of the title and keep the title concise and descriptive about the page.
  • For companies that are staring out, they might want to build brand awareness so placing their name at the beginning of the title will help that.
  • On the other hand, for established companies, even though their brand name is well known, by having the brand name in the title will influence user reaction thus keeping the brand name in the title is a good practice.
  • Since the branding is at the end, it will not be taken as a strong signal by Google as keywords in any case.



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