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Maybe More Navigational Links Would Help?-10 Minutes SEO Challenge

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Have you ever wondered what SEO consultants look for when they come across a new site?

Well, as a SEO consultant, I get that question a lot. So I figured, why not just show it.

So I decided to start a “10 Minutes SEO Challenge” series on Digital Ready Marketing YouTube channel. In which I will just “randomly” pick a website and investigate it using freely available SEO tools. The challenge is to find as many SEO opportunities as possible with only limiting to use free tools (I may change that later on but for now let’s go with that….) within 10 minutes!

The videos will be “unscripted” so you may see me mumbling from time to time in these videos since I am thinking, analyzing, talking at the same time. Laugh if you want, but when the time is ticking, and the pressure is on, I bet nobody can do all three at the same time well.

Hopefully you will take away some SEO tips from these videos.

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think, or if you have a site that you want me to take a look.


Video Notes

In this video we are going to do 10 minutes SEO challenge on https://evpco.com/
We used some readily available free SEO tools (mostly Chrome extensions). Since I can only check the site from outside (no access to Google Analytics or Google Search Console), this is a good SEO challenge!

Note for the SEO opportunities identified in the video.
• Navigation elements from the home page
• www. version getting indexed
• / duplicate
• Image compression
• Browser cache

List of SEO Tools shown in the video can be found at https://digitalreadymarketing.com/resources/

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