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Google Indexing Problem Caused By JavaScript

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I recently came across to a site experiencing Google indexing problem while browsing a forum.

The site owner’s complaint was as follow.

I had a same problem with my website , i had used fetch option in webmaster but only my home page crawled all the inner pages in still not crawled since 20 oct. but my blog page daily crawled . I have do some content changes in my digital marketing section but pages are not crawled still i have done with fetch as a google and all the pinging tool but not get any solutions even i have update my sitemap also . please help me out :(

This conversation took place on Nov 27, 2014. I thought this was an interesting issue so I took a look at the site.

As it turned out the site did not load at all when the JavaScript was disabled. This is a really good reminder that even after Google officially announced that it would start rendering websites better, the best practice SEO remains the same.

Keep as much of your content static as possible. Don’t use JavaScript for navigation or any important elements of your site.

Video on how JavaScript can cause Google indexing problem

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