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In this video, we will talk about Crawl Stats in Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT)

What will crawl stats tell us?

Crawl stats allow us to see

  • How many pages Google crawls per day

We can monitor if Google are able to access pages on your site.

  • Hoe many kilobytes Google downloads per day

We can monitor how much data Google has downloaded.

  • How much time Google spent to download a page

We can see if there is any server issues that prevent Google from crawling your site.

  1. You might be getting extra traffic that overwhelming your server and causing page download longer.
  2. You might just switched to a new hosting company or bought a new server but miss-configured something that increased the page load time.
  3. Your might be experimenting new coding on the site and some scripts are not functioning as intended, which caused to increase the page load time.


Why is it important

By observing the three metrics over time and match it to activities that are happening on your site, you can really understand if any of the implementation / changes that are happening on your site is positive or negative in terms of how Google crawls your site.

NOTE: This is a high level overview so you will need to use other tools under “Crawl” such as “Crawl Errors” and “Fetch as Google” to really understand what Google is seeing.


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