WordPress SEO Best Practices

WordPress SEO tips & best practices

Learning SEO could be frustrating because of the technical jargons and time required to understand the ranking factors. This is cumbersome especially if you are a business owner.

We have have compiled a list commonly asked SEO questions and created lessons around them. Many lessons contain videos for further indepth explanation.

If you don’t see a topic that you are looking for, please let us know using the member support form. We will create one for you!

How to choose a domain (SEO for domain name)?

How to setup a new WordPress site for SEO?

How to do on-page SEO for WordPress?

How to optimize images for SEO?

How to speed up a WordPress site?

How to create SEO friendly blog posts?

Be in control of your WordPress site!

How to do keyword research?

What you should know about Private Blog Network?

How to measure your organic traffic?

How to find out which keywords your WordPress site is ranking for?

Typical WordPress SEO issues

SEO issues are typically things that make Google and other search engines’ life difficult.

For example, if there are duplicate content on your site, Google will need to spend extra resource to determine which page they should index and show it the users.

What search engines want is an easy to access and easy to understand website so they can spend as little resource as possible to process the information.

What are duplicate content issues & how to fix them?

How to fix error 404 pages not found?

How to fix mixed case (uppercase & lowercase) URL issues?


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