Standing Desk For SEO – Why I Love My Stand Up Desk

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Standing desk ergonomics

OK, OK, I admit it. The title for this post might be misleading. The standing desk I am referring to could be for anyone who works on the desk all day, not just for people in SEO but since I am in SEO, the desk I am going to talk about can be used for SEO – a large 🙂


Health benefit of sitting all day – NONE! I repeat NONE!

I recently came across to an article about a treadmill desk on According to this article, sitting is the new smoking even for runners!

Another fact

In one study, women ages 50 to 74 who sat six or more hours a day died at a rate 34 percent higher than those who sat for three hours or less. Still, any sitting looked to be pretty bad:A study of rats found that when their leg muscles were disengaged, they simply stopped producing a key molecule the body needs to process fats.

Scary isn’t it? 6 or more hours a day…. that is a typical, routing, everyday life of a SEO!

So what to do? The writer of the article got a treadmill desk but for the rest of us who do not have that kind of office space (or cash) I found great alternatives.


Standing desks – DIY or just buy one?

Apparently, it is not such a big deal to build one by yourself. If you have access to a IKEA store locally (or just shop their online store), you can obtain necessary components of a DIY standing desk.

There are few things that I did not like about that though. First, the hassle of fining out how to build one, the hassle of collecting the components, and the hassle of actually building one. For sure you will be able to get it customized and fit to your needs economically, but one of the biggest draw back I found is once you set it up, there is no going back. You are committed to standing 100%!

A better alternative that I settled on is to get a VariDesk from Amazon (you can get it from their own store too but I just did not want to deal with creating an new account).

As you can see from their video, the desk height can be adjusted easily!

VariDesk home office

Conclusion about standing desk

Get one and live longer!

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