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Spa Accessories Responsive WordPress Theme Review

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Overall it is a pretty good WordPress theme with a score of 7 points out of 10. No H1 tag on the home page being the most concerned issue.

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Spa Accessories Responsive WordPress Theme

Items Checked Score
Responsive Design? 1
Social Media Buttons? 1
Social Media Buttons Visibility? 0
Social Media Buttons On All Pages? 1
Good Use Of Heading Tags On Home page? 0
Multiple H1 tags issue? 1
Image “Alt” Tag? 1
Good Use Of 404 Error Page? 0
Footer Copy Right Notice? 1
Footer Link Back To The Template Creator? 1
Total Score 7

1) Is It A Responsive Design?

Yes it is

Spa Accessories Responsive WordPress Theme

2) Does the WordPress Template Contain Social Media Buttons?

Yes it does

Spa Accessories-social media

3) How Is The Visibility Of The Social Media Buttons?

It is located at the bottom of the page through out the site. It is not a very visible location.

4) Are The Social Media Buttons Appearing On All Pages?

Yes they do.

5) Good Use Of Heading Tags? 

Not on the home page. As you can see there is no H1 tag on the home page.

Spa Accessories-heading-home page

6) Multiple H1 tags?

Nope. There is no problem with this.

Spa Accessories-heading-post

7) Do Embedded Images Have an “Alt” Tag? 

yes they do.

Spa Accessories-image alt

 8) Is The 404 Error Page Designed To Retain Users

Not really. It tells users to use the search box and the text does not clearly state the search box is for searching the site content. A Little confusing.

Spa Accessories-404 page

 9) Footer Copy Right Notice

Yes it is there.

Spa Accessories-footer copyright

10) Is There A Outbound Link To The Theme Creator In The Footer Area?

Nope. So you don’t need to worry about disabeling it or removing it!

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