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Social Content Locker – Does It Really Work?

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Social media is going no where and not only that it is a crucial element for SEO, it is also an excellent way to increase your referral traffic.

If you have content supplemental content such as audio / PDF / spreadsheet that are highly relevant to your blog posts or articles, but not quite unique enough to be widely shared by itself, consider using “Social Content Locker” to lock it until your reader to unlock it by promoting it using social media.

I experimented it with one of my sites that allow users to access audio files on each web page. The screen capture below shows after the Social Content Locker was introduced on the site, the % of sharing went up more than 1000% for twitter!

Social media locker result


On the other hand, traffic to the site did not change too much

Traffic trend after social content locker


Referral VS. Time on site

After realizing that increasing social media sharing would not contribute to traffic boost, I utilized a neat feature that comes with the  paid version of Social Content Locker. It will auto-unlock content after a specified period of time. Right after enabling the feature, bounce rate dropped significantly from mid 90% all the way to high 60-low 70%.

auto unlock social content locker feature

hugh driop in bounce rate after social content locker feature


Even though it did not contribute to a high traffic boost right away, there seems to be a slight up tick recently (May 2014). More updates to come. Watch this space!



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