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How To Use SEMrush For SEO Content Gap Analysis?

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Have you ever wondered what kinds of content your competitors have on their site and which keywords they are ranking for? If you use SEMrush, this can be done pretty easily as we mentioned previously.

In this video, we are going to dive in a little deeper by download the competitor’s data from SEMrush and analyse it using Excel.

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  1. John A
    John A says:

    Hey Tony,

    Really enjoyed this walkthrough. I am wondering if you can elaborate on how you might present these findings to a client.

    Are there any particular methodologies that you use in terms of which keywords to recommend they produce content around? (I.e.: keywords of a search volume etc).

    Would appreciate any insights you have.


    • Tony
      Tony says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks for checking it out.
      It really depends on who your clients are what their needs are.
      For example, most enterprise level clients have a high authority site. So recommendation will based on keyword search volume because they do not need to worry too much about backlink building or competition. Their site will start ranking for the target keywords just by creating the content with proper onpage SEO optimization.

      Small clients on the other hand have limited budget and most likely need to consider backlink building as well.
      So finding the low competition keywords is crucial. This will let their site rank without much backlink building.

      I have developed a tool to find low competition keywords and it works pretty well –
      You can also use Google search operator intitle: to get a sense of how competitive a keyword is.
      There are many other keyword difficulty tools out there (such as based on different methodology so those tools are also an option.

      Hope this helps.


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