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Security Issues & Other Resources | Google Webmaster Tools Guide

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In this video we will look at Security issues and Other resources in Google Webmaster Tools.

Security Issues

You will not likely to see anything here unless your site is experiencing security issues.

Below is a screen shot from a site experiencing Malware issues. (NOTE: URLs have been hidden in the image to protect privacy of the site)

Security issues malware


Other Resources

  • Google has provided us with a list of useful resource to make our site more SEO friendly.

Structured Data Testing Tool

  • This tool allows us to test if the Structured Data Markup has been applied correctly. Read this post in case you need more information about Structured Data Markup.

Structured Data Markup Helper

  • This tools will show you how to apply schema code on your site. You can simply high light certain sections of a page on your site and Google will show you what kind of code will need to be implemented.

NOTE: Google will not apply Structured Data highlight to the page. This is simply a helper and not a Data highlight tool.

Email Markup tester

Google Places (now it is known as Google My Business)

  • if you have a physical store, this is a critical service to have for your local SEO efforts.

Google Merchant Center

  • If you sell goods this service might be useful for you.

PageSpeed Insights

  • Check your site speed and see how optimized it is for mobile and desktop.

Custom Search

  • Allows you to create internal search for your website using Google’s powerful index.


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