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Romark Laboratories in Tampa FL

Romark Laboratories discovers, develops and commercializes small molecules for treating infectious diseases and cancers.

Romark Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative small molecules for treating infectious diseases and cancers. Our people share a passion for scientific discovery and a desire to make a difference in the world’s health. Throughout all phases of drug discovery and development, we are teamed in a quest to provide new treatments for diseases that impact the lives of people worldwide.

Total Pages On The Site


Number of pages crawled by Screaming Frog 82
Number of pages indexed by Google (results from site: search) 63


There were 19 pages gap between the two methods.

This indicates the site might have a link structure problem, in which not all the pages are reachable by following the links.

Further analysis is required to find out why there is a little difference.

General Site Architecture Overview


General Site Architecture

Is the home page 302 redirected? N
Number of pages with excess links (more than 100) 0
Do all pages have a unique URL? Y
Do site URLs appear static? Y
If non-static, how many are appearing on Google index? N/A
Any subdomains? N/A


Are site links coded in HTML, and not javascript? Y
Is main navigation text-based? Y
breadcrumb navigation? N

Duplicate Content

http:// vs https:// N
www. vs non-www. Y
UPPER CASE vs. lower case N


Does site use canonical tags? N


How many 301 redirects? 0
How many 302 redirects? 0
Any 500 errors? 0

Page Errors

How many 404? 2


Site has a robots.txt file N

Key SEO Elements


Large number of not optimized title, not optimized meta description, and missing H1 /H2 tag is a concern.

Example: long title tag gets truncated on the search engine result page and also influences the ranking of the page.




Number of Duplicate titles 80
Number of titles over 65 characters 36

Meta Descriptions

Number of pages without Meta descriptions 2
Number of Duplicate Meta descriptions 78

Headlines & Subheadings

Number of pages missing H1 28
Number of pages missing H2 2

Other SEO Considerations



Page Load Speed

What is the load time? (2 sec or less is Good) 1.57s
Google PageSpeed score for desktop 58/100
Google PageSpeed score for mobile 42/100

Mobile Optimization

Is the site responsive? N

PDF Content

Any PDF files? Y

Data Markup

Any Schema code? N


SEO analysis explanation

Visit this page for more information on the SEO analysis.

This analysis on Romark Laboratories was carried out on 11/09/2014.

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