How We Review The WordPress Themes

We know it’s hard to find a great WordPress theme considering there are 1000s and 1000s of them on the market. Especially when there are so many free wordpress themes out there that it sounds ridiculous to even consider buying one.

However, this might not be true if you run a business or thinking about starting one as using a free wordpress theme might not be ideal considering the following factors.
1) Free themes do not get adequate support
2) Free themes do not get updated as often
3) Free themes do not provide the slick design you are looking for

OK, so buying a WordPress theme might be the way to go, but which one should you buy? This is where we come in. We have searched through WordPress theme marketplaces for you and analysed how SEO they are to help you determine which theme are worth paying for.

Following are the review criteria we utilized to provide the score.

1) Is It A Responsive Design?
More and more people are using mobile devices and responsive design is the answer to that. WordPress themes with responsive design are rendered according to the user’s device so you can be assured the visitors to your site are getting the best user experience.


responsive design-desktop view

A website with responsive design when viewed on a PC


responsive design-iphone view

A website with responsive design when viewed with an iPhone


2) Does the WordPress Template Contain Social Media Buttons?

Social is becoming more and more important from SEO perspective so not having these buttons pre-built with the theme is a crime!!

Social buttons

Social Media Buttons


3) How Is The Visibility Of The Social Media Buttons?

What’s the use if the buttons are not visible to the site visitors? Right? Ideally the buttons should be located at the top of the page to increase the visibility.

Social media buttons at the top

Are the social media buttons at the top?

Social medai buttons at the bottom

Are the social medai buttons at the bottom?


4) Are The Social Media Buttons Appearing On All Pages?

You can see the social media buttons

You can see the social media buttons

Now you don't the social media buttons

Now you don’t the social media buttons


5) Good Use Of Heading Tags? &  6) Multiple H1 tags?

Heading tags should be used to emphasis the beginning of a section of a page. Some WordPress template over utilize them for styling reasons and this is not ideal. We have also seen an empty H1 tag (see screen shot below) and at times multiple H1 tags on the same page. Although multiple H1 tags on the same page is not necessarily a bad thing, at times it is used without SEO consideration.

Empty H1 tag logo

Empty H1 tag behind Logo

empty H1

Empty H1 detected using



7) Do Embedded Images Have an “Alt” Tag? 

Some images that are embedded in the theme cannot be easily modified unless you know which file to look for. This is a huge headache for someone who is not technical. Besides, the reason why people choose to use WordPress is the ease of use even without technical knowledge.

 8) Is The 404 Error Page Designed To Retain Users

The purpose of 404 page is to notify users that the page they requested does not exist. Having said that there is no reason not to optimize the 404 page so that users will remain on the site and continue to find what they are looking for or be directed to something they might be interested in.

 9) Footer Copy Right Notice

It is a common practice for content spammers to scrape contents from other sites and utilize them as if they created those contents. Adding a copy right notice is a standard practice and it should be included with the theme so non-technical users don’t need spend count less hours to figure out how to add it or to pay extra to have someone add it for them.

10) Is There A Outbound Link To The Theme Creator In The Footer Area?

This is certainly not a deal breaker but ideally there should be an easy way for the users who bought the theme to turn it off. Since we don;t have access to the WordPress admin panel, the best we can do is to make you aware the link exist.




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