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Introduction – Overview Of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

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This video provides a high level overview of how GWMT can help you better understand the status of your site and resolve some of the common SEO issues.

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In this introductory video, instead of going through what each tool does what (we have a list of videos that discuss each tool in details), here we discussed about how GWMT can help us achieve the following. This list is by no means a comprehensive list of things that GWMT can do, but it does give you a sense of how much GWMT CAN do!

How can GWMT help SEO?

  • Apply Structured Data without adding any code to your site

If you do not have resource to apply Schema code, this is a good alternative.

  • Improve internal linking

Understand which pages are getting more internal links and focus on pages that are not getting enough internal links.

  • Monitor hacking

Hacking is so common these days (especially if you are using open source Content Management System such as WordPress. We will see how GWMT can help monitor hacking.

  • Monitor server status

Unless you have your own server, most likely you rent a server from a hosting company. GWMT can help you find out how reliable your hosting company is.

  • Capture more link juice

A lot of time when you update your site, inevitably some content will get moved, edited, or deleted. When that content does not exist in its original location, a not found (404) error occurs. GWMT notify us exactly which URLs are missing and we can use a Bulk URL Checker to ensure we are capturing the link juice of those missing URLs.

  • Communicate better with Google about your site structure

Submit a Sitemap to GWMT to communicate with Google about your site structure. You can also monitor the index status from this tool.

  • Block Google from indexing certain pages

If you have a beta site or a testing site that you do not want Google to index and show it to the world, you can use tools in GWMT to ensure your site is not indexed on the search results.

  • Remove already index pages from search results

If for some reason your testing site had already been indexed by Google, no worries, GWMT can help you communicate with Google to remove the site from search results.

  • See how Google sees your site

You can see how Google robots are seeing your site to ensure you site is in compliance with Google guideline. Also you want to make sure Google can see all the content on your site. Some fancy technical stuff (example:AJAX / FLASH) could hide your site from Google and prevent it from getting indexed.


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