How To Increase Web Traffic?

Google is the dominant search engine in the US and many other countries. For a small business we strongly recommend only concentrating on optimizing your site for Google.

Google has more than 200 ranking factors and they can be largely divided into two types; On page factors and Off page factors.

onpage+offpage seo


What is On page SEO?

On page SEO factors concern your site structure and design. Many people neglect these factors and concentrate on link building (Off page SEO), which is one of the largest mistakes that you can make. You have control to many of the Onsite SEO factors so these must be the first thing you should take care of if you want to boost traffic from Google.

On page SEO can be further sub-divided into three kinds.

1)  Global site structure level optimization

Ideally your website should have a nice pyramid like structure. The reason for this is two fold.

1) You want the visitors to flow through the site in a manner that will ultimately reaching to the purchasing page (or whatever final goal you have) and not make them going backwards.

2) Normally the home page would get the most link juice value so the site structure should be designed to pass that value efficiently.

2) Category level optimization

Category pages can be used to target head term keywords and if optimized correctly they could be used to gather substantial link juice and pass them to other pages within the same category.

3) Page level optimization

In additional to the main on page elements which are listed below, interlinking pages strategically and applying copy righting to stir readers’ emotion are typical SEO work.

  • Title tag
  • Heading tags
  • Meta description tag
  • Image alt tag

What is Off page SEO?

Off page SEO factors concern back links. This is where most people focus on even though they are only part of the whole picture.

Building back links require substantial resources and well executed plans. Spamming other people’s blog with comments do not work anymore.

At, we will discuss various ways to build back links and explain what do work and what don’t work. The aim is to help you understand what back link building is all about and prevent you from hiring shady SEO service providers that claim their back link building could get your site to rank number 1 on Google.

Always ask the SEO service provider how your SEO investment will be measured before hiring.

How to Measure your SEO Success?

In addition to understanding how SEO works, learning how to measure your SEO success is a also a crucial step in not only knowing how much traffic your site is attracting, but also help you optimize your site for a better conversion.


Our aim is to save you time

Instead of wondering around the web to find out how to implement SEO, join us to get direct feedback on your questions. Stop wasting time on SEO and start working on your business.




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