How To Solve “Data Conflicts” Issues In Google My Business

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Google recently introduced Google My Business to replace its Google + local branding (some people also refer to it as Google Places…. too many terms for a single service!). Aside from the user interface update, now Google My Business also comes with a duplicate conflict warning for each of the location that you have control (see below).

Google + local - new interface

I know what you are thinking, “What data conflicts? My account has been fine and I never had that problem !”.

I actually had the exact same reaction when I first saw this, but no worries, this data conflict issue can be easily fixed.


Definition of the data conflicts

According to Google,

What are “data conflicts”?

“Data conflicts” occur when the information about a location has changed on Maps since the last time you updated your business’s information.

so if you are sure the data you entered for your location is correct, just select the location and scroll down to find the “Review and edit location” box as shown below. Then simply select the “I have review and edited this location for accuracy” box and submit it.

Google My Business data conflicts



A different kind of data conflicts problem

Now, while I was doing some research on how to resolve this issue, I actually came across to a larger problem.

This is also a data conflict issue but not within your Google My Business account.

As you might know, Google utilizes multiple data points to generate its listings on Google Maps.

Whether you like it or not, Google creates many of the listings on Google Maps by themselves. Google also lets people to provide suggestions to add, edit, and modify locations on Google Map Maker (Here you can only provide “suggestions” and of course they will get reviewed by someone at Google. Ultimately, Google decides whether to accept the edit or not).

For example, figure below shows a list of Boston Market locations in Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill area.

One location has been indicated “closed” but you can provide suggestions to edit the listing.

Sometimes, you may find multiple duplicated listings of your business or listings with wrong information.

Boston Market example for Google Map Maker


How do I resolve these duplicates?

You need to go Google Map Maker and check on the listings. Type in your business location (address, city, state) and your brand name, which should give you all the potential duplicates.

You can also use Google Maps to report the issue to Google.


What if I have 30 locations? Do I have to fix them one by one?

You will still need to check one location at at time. One of the clients I worked for actually had hundreds of listings that were created by Google and other users. Here is the process we tool.

1) Download a list of business locations

2) Go to Google Map Maker and search

“brand name” “address”

where “brand name” will be your business name and “address” is one of your business location.

3) Note the duplicate locations (or unwanted locations)

4) Report these locations to Google through Google Map Maker and/or Google Maps



Google My Business provides a nice data conflicts warning feature, but it still lacks a feature that could allow you to easily find duplicate local listings for your business.


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