Google places vs Google plus

Google Plus Local Pages Vs. Google Plus Business Pages

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Google places vs Google plus

First of all, let’s simplify it.

Google plus local pages lets you control maps.

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Google plus business pages are essentially Google plus pages. If you are using it for business purpose, then it is called Google plus business pages.


I don’t think anyone is confused at this point.

Now let’s read few blog posts about this topic. For example, let’s do a search for “google plus vs google places”.

The top result shows a post with title “Google Places for Business vs. Google + local” …… WHAT?

This is in no way the blog author’s fault. Google has been changing their local strategy, trying to consolidate their services and now Google + Local is called Google My Business.

So to clarify

Google Places for Business = Google plus page (used for business purpose)

Google + local = Google My Business as of June 11, 2014


confusing Google places title

I am sorry what? I am still confused!

For those of you still confused, Google + allows you to create a personal account (just like Facebook), then you can create Google + pages (Just like Facebook pages).

Google + local (now Google My Business) let’s you control listings on Google maps. It used to come with a Google + style page that is linked from the Google map listing, which allows you to interact with users.

Now that Google + local has been completely updated to Google My Business, every listing on Google map has a Google + page (not a style page any more) connected to it, so when you claim a listing, you automatically get a Google + page for that listing also. 

For example, a Panera Bread Google map listing shown below is linked to its Google + Style page (when you click on where the red arrow is pointing)

panera bread Google maps local listing


panera bread local google + style page

A Panera Bread Google + style page linked from a listing on Google maps


So what will happen to my Google + page (for my business)?

It will remain a separate entity. Even though you could control it through a Google My Business account (if you use the same Google account to sign up for Google + and Google My Business), the Google + page is separate….. at least for now anyways.



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