What Are The Major Differences Between Google Japan And Yahoo! Japan Search Results?

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Google japan VS. Yahoo japan

Google Japan VS. Yahoo! Japan

As mentioned in this post about Japanese search market, Yahoo! Japan’s search engine is powered by Google. However, the search result on Google Japan and Yahoo! Japan for the same search query can be substantially different especially when it comes to something that is pertinent to Japan. When carried out a search for “Digital Marketing” (Transliteration for digital marketing is “デジタルマーケティング‎”) no substantial difference can be observed between Google’s SERP and Yahoo! Japan’s SERP.

Google Japan SERP for search query デジタルマーケティング‎ Google Japan SERP
Yahoo! Japan SERP for search query デジタルマーケティング Yahoo Japan SERP
  On the other hand, when a search for ” 有吉弘行” (a famous Japanese comedian) substantial differences can be observed not only for the text organic links but also for knowledge graph.
Google Japan SERP for search query 有吉弘行 Yahoo JP Ariyoshi
Yahoo! Japan SERP for search query 有吉弘行 ariyoshi Google JP
  Major differences 1) Universal Search (mixed results on SERP) 2) Personalization 3) Schema utilization   Following table provides a high level overview of the differences between Google Japan and Yahoo! Japan (source)

Major Differences between Google Japan and Yahoo! Japan

CategoryGoogleYahoo! JapanDetails
Basic UIIt's ownIt's ownBoth company developed its own User Interface
AdvertisingGoogleYahoo! Japan(G) Adwords, (Y) Sponsor Search
Ranking AlgorismGoogleGoogleAlgorism by Google but the result search output is different for both company
Universal Search AlgorismGoogleYahoo! Japan(G) Universal Search - display relevant results based on the search query (Y)Yahoo has its own way of displaying the results
PersonalizationYesYes (limited)(G) Synchronized with Google account (Y)Limited. Only reflecting on sites that have been visited multiple times. Visit more often = shown higher on SERP
Keyword Autocomplete SuggestionsGoogleYahoo! JapanBoth company developed its own
Location Information (Desktop)YesYes (limited)Influenced by IP address, synchronized account, search queries, User's preset settings. Both company function differently
Location Information (Mobile)YesYesGPS, Wi-Fi, Search queries, User's preset settings
Paid Ads within Organic SearchNoYes (limited)(Y) only on a portion of search queries
Ranking difference Desktop V.S. MobileYesYes(G) Depsnding on the signals from the phone (Y) Some yahoo properties will change
WebGoogleGoogleSame for Crawl/ Index/ Ranking (Displayed results are different as indicated above)
ImagesGoogleGoogleSame for Crawl/ Index/ Ranking (Displayed results are different as indicated above)
VideosGoogleGoogleYouTube, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Japan property, Ustream etc
NewsGoogleYahoo! Japan(G) Google news (Y) Yahoo News
BlogsGoogleNo(G) Google blog (Y) N/A
ShoppingGoogleYahoo! Japan(G) Google shopping (Y) Yahoo shopping
LocalGoogleYahoo! Japan(G) Google local (Y) Yahoo local
ApplicationGoogleYahoo! Japan(G) Google Play (Y) Yahoo Smartphone applications
RecipesGoogleYahoo! JapanDifferent local Japanese sites for each company
ForumsGoogleNoUser Generated Content sites
RealtimeNoYahoo! Japan(Y) Twitter & Facebook
AuctionsNoYahoo! Japan(Y) Yahoo auction
DictionaryNoYahoo! Japan(Y) Various dictionaries
Q&ANoYahoo! Japan(Y) chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp
NAVER ???NoYahoo! Japan
Rich SnipetGoogleNo
Knowledge GraphGoogleYahoo! Japan(G) Wikipedia, Carousel (Y)Link to its own content
AuthorshipGoogleNo(G)Display picture of the author
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