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Free SEO Analysis For Nonprofits And Startups

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Believe it or not, I have been thinking about this for quite sometime….. I need to give something back to the community. The problem is, being an entrepreneur, a father, and a husband doesn’t leave me too much time to do something else.

So here comes the idea! Why not provide free SEO analysis for nonprofit organizations and startup companies?

“Why provide such service to these two types of organizations” you might ask?

Well, let me explain.

I met my wife at a nonprofit organization in Pittsburgh called PCIV (Pittsburgh Counsel For International Visitors) at the time, now it is known as GlobalPittssburgh. I became good friends with few of the employees at the organization and learned various challenges that they had to go through as a nonprofit organization.

This prompted me to create a website called back in 2009 which in turn got me involved in the local Startup scene in Pittsburgh. I eventually sold the site and transitioned myself to a full time SEO consultant (you can find out more about me here).

Don’t you think these are good enough reasons? These two types of organizations essentially helped shape me into who I am today.

What is the process of getting a free SEO analysis?

Step 1) Let us know which organization

Use the form on this page (below) to send us information about the organization.

UPDATE:Due to abuse of the system, we are now accepting requests from the organization only. Please enter your organization email ( We will follow up with you to confirm the request did come from the organization.

“The reason for adding the organization” doesn’t have to be noble, it can be any kind of reason. We just want to know why you are submitting the site for us to do SEO analysis.

Step 2) Vote for your nomination

We will add the organization to the poll within 48 hours after receiving your request. Since we have a limited resource, this will help us know which organization has the most demand. We will select the organization with highest votes at the end of each week. The selected organization will be removed from the poll so if your organization disappeared from the poll, it means it’s chosen.

Step 3) Watch out for the new SEO analysis post

We will publish the SEO analysis of the chosen organization each month. The best way to get notified is to subscribe to our email newsletter, or check on the Free SEO analysis page often.


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Which Organization Should Get SEO Analysis Next?

Since we have a limited resource, please help us decide which organization should get the free SEO analysis next by voting for it below.
We will analyse the organization that have got the most vote periodically.
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