15 Free Off Page SEO Tools

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Off page SEO is all about link building but that doesn’t mean tools used for off page SEO are all black hat link building software. Following is a list of tools that can help you better organize link building activities as well as monitoring the link building efforts.



Social Media Link Building

Social marker is actually semi-automated marketing software which help you to automate your bookmarking efforts. It is one time effort to create accounts on all the bookmarking sites then it is just a matter of drag and drop. Social marker is a browser based tool which will allow you to submit bookmarks to 50 social bookmarking sites. SocialMarker

A Free tools for bookmarking and curating content. It allows users to create text, photo and audio notes that auto-synchronize across different platforms.




Storify is worth it if you and your organization is creating a lot of social media buzz. Storify lets you curate social networks to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the web into a coherent narrative.


Press Release Link Building

Instant Press Release allows you to quickly create a press release. It is a nice resource if you’ve never written a press release and are unsure of the formatting.   Instant Press Release

Email Outreach Link Building

Rapportive is an add on tool for your Gmail that pulls out more information about the people you send an email to, such as their profiles on various social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Getting to know more about them gives you the opportunity to reach to your fellow bloggers on a more personalized level. Rapportive

Allows you to enter a prospects details and it will generate a series of search queries to help you track down their email address. Email Research Tool

A free service that allows you to visually map the close connections of the person you are looking to reach out to. Discover which people interact the most and what they’re talking about. It’s also a great way to find relevant people to follow.


Video Marketing Tools

PowToon is a fantastic tool that lets you create animated video presentations for free online. It offers drag-and-drop objects which you add to slides. You then choose their animation, duration, add text, and add a soundtrack. Then, boom, you have a professional-looking demo presentation!


Animoto allows you to upload your photos, add text and background music for your video presentation and you can choose for different video animation styles. Once created, they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. 

For free account you can create 30 seconds video.


Magisto is a free tool that create short, entertaining videos from your raw footage. Magisto goes through your content, finds what it likes, and uses that to automatically create the best possible video. From there, it allows you to add titles and music to jazz things up. All videos you create can easily be shared across popular social networks.


Social Media Marketing Tools

BuzzSumo is a free tool you can use to identify the links that are most shared on social networks, as well as influencers for specific topics.

For example, if you want to know the top content by social shares for a certain keyword phrase, BuzzSumo provides social share information that includes Google+ shares, Facebook likes, LinkedIn shares and Twitter shares. You can filter the data by content type (e.g., article, infographic, videos, guest posts and more)


Social Mention monitors over one hundred social media sites. It is probably one of the best free listening tools on the market, as it analyses data in more depth and measures influence with 4 categories: Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach. Social Mention

HowSociable is a handy tool for measuring yours and your competitors’ social media presence. A free account allows you to track 12 social sites, including Tumblr and WordPress. However, if you’re interested in 24 more, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. a pro account is required. HowSociable’s approach is a bit different as it breaks down scores for different social media platforms, allowing you to see which social media platforms work best for you and which ones need further development. HowSociable

It can be easy to lose track of how your Twitter account is growing; that’s where Twitter Counter comes in. It’s a free service that tracks changes in your follower count and predicts future growth over time. Twitter Counter can be useful in understanding how quickly your number of followers is growing, and using that information to make decisions about the content you share (like re-sharing older content that new followers would have missed.)

Icerocket specializes in blog searches and offers services including an RSS Builder, a Blog Tracker that invisibly can provide analytics on your blogs, its own RocketMail service, a Blog Trends search and an IceSpy tracker that shows top searches by Icerocket users. It’s free and does not require registration of an account.

Ice Rocket

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